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  • IP65 Rotary isolator switch with enclosure

    IP65 Rotary isolator switch with enclosure A. Poles: 3P, B. Rate current: 20A C. Weather protected: IP65 D. Easy cable access via M20/25 knockouts(top and bottom) E. Red/Yellow padlock F. Rotary Switch interlocked by lid to prevent opening in "ON" position G. Including earth terminals H. Standard: IEC-60947-3 I. Certificate: CE, CB Semko Website: http://www.industrialplugsocket.com/manufacturer-rotary_switch_isolator_changeover-27015.html Catalogue: As below PDF file
  • Float switch to control water level in tank/tower

    Float switch Micro Switch: 10(8)A250V~10(4)A380V Protective connection: T70U Protection: Waterproof Max. Temperature: 70 C Working presure: Max. 1bar Circuit breaking capacity: Dircetly 1kw with 250V 1, Wide appication scope, strong generality This range of cable float Switch apply to branch water, sewage, acid-base solution of less than medium concentration oils and situations requiring on pollution (for example food and drinds industry), diesel oil gasification kitchen
  • weather protected isolator switch IP66

    IP66 weather protected isolator switch Pole: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P Rated Current: 20A, 35A, 63A Protection grade: IP66 Color: Grey Certificate: CE, Semko 1. Cables looped in and out from overhead. 2. In and out from underground 3. In and out straight through the switch. 4. Two 25mm rear knockouts are moulded in the base for surface mounting with concealed wiring. Model UKF2-120 UKF2-135 UKF2-163 UKF2-220 UKF2-235 UKF2-263 UKF2-320 UKF2-335 UKF2-363 UKF2-420 UKF2-435 UKF2-463
  • Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (best selling MCCB in 2012)

    ABS/ABE series MCCB is suitable for industrial or commercial power and lighting with AC50/ 60Hz, rated working voltage up to AC600V/DC250V, rated current up to 630A. Its a kind of economical mccb with the characters of stable and reliable function, beautiful appearance, small size and long life. It can be used for conversion of line and infrequent starting motor. It can also be attached to install the accessories which have protection function for avoiding loss-voltage, under
  • Circuit breaker protection switch 10kA

    Circuit breaker protection switch Number of Poles: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P Rated current(A): 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 Voltage(V): 230/400 Rated breaking capacity (KA): 10 Main feature 1. Conforming of latest standard 2. Accurate current tripping and setting 3. High breaking capability up to 10kA 4. High current limitation capability to realize the high selection 5. Dual-thermal at the sides is suitable for the bus bar and single-core conductor 6. Wiring screw of
  • waterproof switched socket IP55 UK standard

    waterproof switched socket UK standard IP55 250V ;Colour: RAL7035 1 Gang British standard 13A socket 1 Gang1 pole 1 way switch Accepts module series accessories(and basic series accessories with specific bearing adaptors) Protection degree: IP55 with the cover colsed Cable accessories: Three 23mm knock out openings and one with PG16 cable sleeve Resistance to fire: Glow-wire test 650 degree It is possible to install more then one box closed together. Catalogue: as below PDF
  • AC contactor for motor protection

    AC contactor for motor protection Main Characteristics 1. 3 pairs of main contacts 2. Fixed by screw 3. AC/DC coil 4. Wide coil voltage 5. Be connected with the thermal overload relay directly Model UKC1-180 UKC1-220 UKC1-330 UKC1-400 AC coil UKC1-180 UKC1-220 UKC1-330 UKC1-400 DC coil UKD1-180 UKD1-220 UKD1-330 UKD1-400 IEC-60947 AC1 Load 230A 260A 400A 500A AC3 Load 200~240V 55KW 180A 75KW 250A 100KW 330A 110KW 400A 380~440V 90KW 180A 132KW 250A 200KW 330A 250KW 400A 500
  • DK Cable Junction Box

    DK Cable Junction Box D9025Z: With terminal D9020Z: Without terminal IP 66/IP55 Size: 88*88*53 mm Conductor; 6-13 mm 1. Expensive impact resistance of plastic (thermal plastic) forms a fashionable and attractive appearance. 2. Advanced terminal technology and flexible support position for terminal (five-position) 3. Corrosion resistance of metric screw of V2A with large screw pitch to make the handling for screw fastening two third the normal one 4. Compression glands must be
  • Industrial plug IP67 CEE FORM

    IP67 CEE Industrial Plug 5pin 32A Plug with sctew terminals, integrated shell structure Full range of industrial plug socket: IP44/IP67 3P, 4P, 5P 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 250A, 420A Industrial plug, industrial socket, wall mounted socket, wall mounted plug, panel mounted socket, panel mounted plug, interlocked switch socket, Industrial power distribution box: Ladder socket box, portable socket box, plastic socket box, stainless steel socket box Catalogue: as below PDF file
  • Earth leakage relay used along with transformer

    Earth Leakage Relay for earth leakage protection 1. FEATURES A. Both latching and non-latching type of tripping contacts B. Trip starting indicator C. Relay tripped indicator D. Detection of no connection to current transformer for extra safety E. High immunity to electrical interference 2. TECHNICAL DATA SETTINGS Sensitivity adjustment: 0.1 to 1.0A Delay time adjustment: 0.1sec to 3.0sec CONTACTS Contact arrangement: 1* latching type with manual reset 1*non- latching type
  • Portable distribution box for industrial power

    Portable distribution box for industrial power From IP44 to IP67 with leakage protection switch, fuse or miniature circuit breakers, various requirements can be met. Combined outlet box can be used in the field, piers and other places. 16A 3P 230V with fuse, can be locked in CEE/IEC standard socket, providing maximum security guarantees. A series of dust water-resistant patch device for your selection. Shipyard and standard products dedicated container terminal DUO mechanical
  • Grid Tie Solar Photovoltaic Inverter - 1500W

    Grid Tie Solar Photovoltaic Inverter (SAA certified) A. Hi efficient MPPT design, excellent inverter efficiency B. High protection degreed: IP65 C. Efficient design of low-frequency isolation transformer D. Wide input voltage range and MPPT voltage E. High reliability due to compete protection function F. Easy operation, installation and maintenance G. Advanced anti-island technology Catalogue: as below PDF file Website: http://www.industrialplugsocket.com/manufacturer-solar
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